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Visiting Singapore was not something planned. But when I traveled to New-Zealand from Greece, it happened that I had a 18 hours transit (4am-10pm) in the city. I couldn’t find a place to sleep, so I just put aside my tiredness and went around the city for the whole day. And it was a good decision.

You’ve probably already seen these famous giant trees somewhere on the internet. They are part of the nature park: Gardens by the Bay in the renowned and attractive Marina’s Bay in Singapore. It’s one of the most popular attraction of Singapore, receiving Millions of people each year (6.4 Millions in 2014). The tallest of them being up to 50 meters (160ft), these supertrees are a wonder of environmental technology: Photovoltaics cells are implanted a bit everywhere on the trees. They harness solar energy which is later used to enlighten the trees at night, so it works just like trees photosynthesize. And at the base of the trees, rainwater is collected to keep the several fountains displayed on the site running, just like tree’s roots would absorb water for growth.

One of the two conservatories of the Gardens by the Bay is the Cloud Forest. The environment within the conservatory is a replica of cool and moist conditions that you can find in tropical mountains regions between 1000 meters (3300ft) and 3000 meters (9800ft) above sea level in South-East Asia and Central and South America. And those cool temperatures were more than welcome, it was really warm and humid outside, so needless to say that I spent more time than I should have there just to chill off! You can get to the top of this 42 meters (138ft) mountain with an elevator. Then you can descend via a circular path that leads you in and out the mountain through several galleries at each level of the walk.  (See the Cavern and the Lost World below).

The Cavern
The Lost World

The second conservatory is the Flower Dome. This is the largest greenhouse in the world at 1.2 hectares! It replicates a cool-dry Mediterranean climate, so kinda feel like home in there. It features plants, trees and flowers from all over the world with 8 gardens: The Baobabs, Succulent Garden, Australian Garden, South African Garden, South American Garden, Olive Grove, California Garden and the Mediterranean Garden.

Chilling by the Singapore River
Singapore Sling

After a long day going around the city, I decided to chill in a terrace by the Singapore River, some hours before my flight to Australia takes off. It also was the right occasion to give a go to the legendary Singapore Sling, a worldwide renowned gin-based cocktail originally from Singapore.

Singapore is a jewel. The only reason I got out of the airport was because of this long transit, and it was a superb decision. I didn’t have any expectations, I was just curious and I truly was amazed. It’s really easy to go around, the city is so clean and there are park and trees everywhere! This is definitely a place I’d go back again, but certainly for more than a day!

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