The Last Stop: Osaka – The Lone Wonderer

If I had the opportunity to go back to live and work in Japan for one year, Osaka would be where I’d go. I didn’t stay there very long but my feeling about this city is that people from Osaka seems more chill and less stressed than people from Tokyo. There is definitely less things to see than Kyoto or Tokyo but for some reason I felt a bit sad that I didn’t have the chance to get a job there as my visa was expiring 2 weeks later.

As soon as I arrived to Osaka from Kyoto, I went to  the Tsutenkaku (Tower Reaching Heaven). 103 meters (338 feet) tall this is the perfect spot to look upon the city of Osaka.


The runner crossing the finish line on the right picture is called Glico Man. This is an ad for the food company of the same. He is one of the emblematic icon of Osaka in Japan. It is located in Dotonbori, a very famous district for tourists. The nightlife there is amazing, there is a lot of bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

There is some nice things to see in the whole district of Dotonbori, I absolutely loved those pillars at the entrance of an hotel on the left picture. The picture on the right is just a random quiet street that I really liked. It was outside the merchant gallery I was walking in and the I found the contradiction between the quietness of this street and how busy the gallery was, beautiful.

I exactly know what all the people who live or have been to Osaka are going to tell me: “And Osaka castle? And Shitenno-Ji?” I feel terribly bad, but I couldn’t make it to the castle. Shame on me. My time in Osaka was really limited and I had to make a choice. And as I’ve seen the Imperial Palace and Nijo castle in Kyoto the day before, I decided to skip one more castle…But if you have the opportunity to go there, don’t miss it! I would have loved to see it!

I went back to Tokyo to spend my 2 last weeks there after Osaka, and that was the end of my Japanese adventure. My first and probably greatest journey to this day.

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