Sleepover in Wanaka – The Lone Wonderer

The next stop of this trip was Wanaka. We just drove for the whole day from Milford Sound, stopping by Queenstown which was on the way. Wanaka is about 120km (75miles) up North to Queenstown. It’s a small resort in a town surrounded by lake and mountains, so it’s really similar to Queenstown even though it’s maybe less known.

In my opinion, the nicest part of a road trip is what you don’t expect. You know where you are and you (supposedly) know where you are going. You just don’t know what you are going to find on the way. And sometimes, when you find something worth to stop by, taking a little break just to enjoy the scenery is highly recommended. 

I remember how bad the weather was when we finally made it to Wanaka. It was raining and we couldn’t really enjoy going around the city. It was also quite late, so I could just go by the lake and take this shot. We then had some beers and went to bed before the big day…

The night was short, we had to wake up very early to be on the road at 6am. The drive to Fox Glacier was 3 hours long, we wanted to stop somewhere for breakfast and visit another site before jumping in our helicopter. We didn’t want to rush our morning, so we preferred to leave early to take the time to enjoy the scenery. The clouds, the mountains, the lakes, the fresh morning wast. A perfect combination to get prepared to hike on a glacier. 

What’s better than a short hike to get you ready for a bigger hike? 60km (37miles) up north from Wanaka, the blue pools track is a very famous place to swim for tourists during summer. It was 7:30am and we didn’t want to be late, so needless to say we didn’t swim, the weather was quite cold actually. Oh, and the blue pools are named like this because of? The color of the water exactly! This is the result of the light refraction on the clear and icy cold water.

It was a bit of a restless night, but at least we didn’t have to rush to our next destination. It’s always pleasant to take your time to discover what surrounds you.

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