By the Channel: Seven Sisters Cliffs – The Lone Wonderer

When I went to Brighton to see the Seven Sisters Cliffs, it was the only time during my nine months stay in UK that I’ve actually been out of London. And it was a delight to be away of the stress of the city and actually breathe some fresh air.

Only 30km (19miles) away from the city of Brighton, the Seven Sisters Cliffs are located in the South Downs National Park. They are remnants of dry valleys which are gradually eroded by the sea.

It was a very windy day, bringing my scarf to Brighton was a very good call. And this trip to the cliffs was also the perfect opportunity to try my brand new Cannon GX9! 

Same spot from a different point of view. Top and bottom. I don’t know for other people, but looking up was more impressive than looking down for me. And I don’t like heights.

It was a perfect day to relax and chill by the sea, even if it was not the perfect weather to swim.  I haven’t been to the beach in a while and it was a relief to go back there. Seeing some vast green fields when you are used to the skyscrapers of London was also refreshing and enjoyable.

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