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Located in Taito-Ku, the Senso-Ji is one of the main touristic attraction of Asakusa neighbourhood. Dedicated to the Bodhisattva of compassion Kannon Bosatsu, it is the most visited spiritual site in the world with over 30 millions visitors every year! It’s been founded in 645 A.D, which makes it the oldest temple of Tokyo!

I am not gonna lie: I hate crowds. But sometimes it’s worth it to try to make your way through thousands of people. And it’s the case for Senso-Ji. At the entrance, there is the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate, top picture). And to reach the Hozomon (Treasure House Gate, left picture), which is the entrance to the inner complex you will walk through the Nakamise-Dori, a 250 meters street where are 89 shops and even more tourists.

Once you’ve made your way through, this is the temple. If when you think about a temple, the first words coming to your mind are “quiet” or “peaceful”, you might be disappointed in Senso-Ji. You can get closer if you are patient but you won’t be able to take a picture of the inner temple as it is forbidden. (like for many temples).

If like me, you prefer quieter places, you can still go in the gardens around the temple, where you will find many shrines and statues. 

The back of the temple
A beautiful stone bridge
A shrine in the gardens
Statues of Kannon Bosatsu

Senso-Ji is definitely a must-do in Tokyo. There is many interesting temples quieter to visit all around the city. This is the main one and it will be a shame to visit Tokyo and not stopping by!

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