Sapporo’s Yuki-Matsuri – The Lone Wonderer

Host of the 1972 Winter Olympics game, Sapporo is the 5th largest city of Japan with a total population culminating to 2 Millions people. Sapporo Yuki-Matsuri  (Sapporo’s snow festival) is held every year in February, lasting for 1 week. Very famous festival, it attracts around 2 Millions tourists every year who are curious to see the giants snow and ice sculptures.

Star Wars's snow sculpture

I left Niseko for 2 days with some friends to go to the festival, I’ve slept 2 hours in 54 hours and was drinking approximately at least 1 glass of mulled wine an hour, starting from 9am.  Amazing trip. There were hundreds of statue made of snow or ice, and the one above was my favorite one as a huge Star Wars fan until 2015.

Arc de Triomphe
Ice castle

They all were impressive, but some of them were absolutely masterpieces. The attention to details on such massive sculptures is just unbelievable 

Sapporo beer museum

Sapporo is also home of one of the most popular Japanese beer: the Sapporo beer. There is no more brewery in the city, only the Sapporo beer museum. It is the only beer museum in Japan. You can get a tasting of 3 different beers for only 600Yens! (5€/5.5$)

I wonder what Sapporo looks like during the summer, but in winter, there is a lot to do. While I was there, some slopes have been installed in the middle of the city for snowboarders and skiers to do some figures!

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