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When I left Greece for New-Zealand, I didn’t really know what to expect. It was an impulsive decision that I took two weeks before to land there. It was not the first time I was traveling to the other side of the world alone. And once again, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever taken.

Every time I hear or think about the word “home”, Queenstown is the only place that crosses my mind. I absolutely loved everything about that place: the people, my job, the landscapes…I mean look at the stunning view I had from my balcony! I’ve never enjoyed so much walking to go to work. 


“Frodo…The Argonath. Long have I desired to look upon the kings of old. My kin.”

Aragorn, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

Everyone knows it, New-Zealand is the filming location of The Lord of the Rings. And there is some nice spots around Queenstown. One of them is the location of the Argonath, also known as The Pillars of the Kings. Unfortunately for those who are looking for the two giant statues, they do not exist as they have been added in post production. But the river is real and its name is Kawarau river, and you can do bungee jumping from the Kawarau Bridge!

If you like walking, strolling, hiking…Queenstown offers endless possibilities, from the Ben Lomond hike to Queenstown hill, there are choices for everyone! The one above was a day walk around Lake Hayes which is only some kilometers away from Queenstown.

Queenstown is hands down the best place I’ve ever lived, I haven’t taken many pictures as I am more interested on living the experience, but there is everything for all seasons there. It’s a very famous touristic place and most of the people living there are foreigners and backpackers, so you get to meet open-minded  people from every continent in the world. From all the places I’ve ever lived around the planet, Queenstown is the only one I truly miss and would see myself going back. And this is the only place I could call a “home”.

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