The Pancake Rocks: Punakaiki – The Lone Wonderer

We spent the whole morning trekking in the park. In the afternoon, a 6 hours drive was awaiting us to reach our hostel in Motueka to spend our last night in the South Island. We still took care to stop by Punakaiki to admire the famous Pancake Rocks…

But before to talk about the rocks, let’s take a break to relax and enjoy the beauty of the New-Zealand West Coast…

And there they are. The reason why the small town of Punakaiki is so famous: the Pancake Rocks. Named like this because their shape is layered in a way that reminds pancakes, they began forming over 30 Million years ago! Lime-rich fragments of dead marine creatures were deposited on the sea bed and were then overlaid by layers of mud and clay. And after 30 Millions years of this constant cycle, this is what the result looks like. Impressive uh?

Alongside the rocks, the site is famous for its blowholes. If this is the first time you hear this word and you got confused as I did, I will try my best to describe accurately what a blowhole is, as I don’t have a picture or video of it. It’s a marine geyser. You’re welcome.

The only downside I would see in Punakaiki, it’s that it’s really busy. But like crazy busy. To be fair I didn’t expect to see that many tourists. Luckily I’ve managed to take pictures that make it seems quite empty. But don’t expect it to be dead quiet if you ever go there.

After this long day again, we headed and arrived in the evening in our hostel in Motueka. We booked it on the way as we were not really good at planning days ahead. We were about to spend our last night on the South Island. The plan for the next day was to head to Nelson to catch our ferry and spend the night in New-Zealand’s capital city: Wellington.

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