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The powder snow in Niseko is known as being one of the best in the world. The snow’s quality and Niseko’s unique living environment attract over 200.000 skiers and snowboarders every year. After living 6 months in Tokyo, I decided it was time for me to discover more of Japan. So I headed North to Hokkaido, and Niseko was not the worst place to spend a winter season. 

Hirafu Main Street

The whole resort is known as Niseko, but the main village at the bottom of the mountains is Hirafu. This is where you get your coffee in the morning before heading to the slopes, and your hot chocolate (or beer) after coming back in the afternoon. This is where most of the restaurants and bars are located. And the nightlife is pretty good.

Steve the Fox

I was working in Hirafu, like most of the seasonal workers going to Niseko. But I was living in Kutchan, cheaper and quieter town which is about a good 15 minutes drive from Hirafu. Apart the fact that the house was far from everything, I really enjoyed living there. It was the staff accommodation provided by my workplace, so I always was in good company. We even had a fox that we called Steve coming to visit us and ask for food from time to time. And sharing a house with almost only English native speaker really helped me to improve my English skills! 

Mount Yotei

Part of the daily scenery, and one of the emblem of Niseko is the Mount Yotei. 1898 meters (6.227 feet) tall, you can go accompanied with a tour guide to ski or snowboard in the crater of the volcano! 

Niseko was a great experience, I have never snowboarded and I am not a ski addict, but I always love spending time at the mountain, and this one is a great to be at. If you love powder snow, you should definitely consider stopping by Niseko, you might not find such a good quality snow somewhere else!

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