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If you like hiking but Mt Fuji is closed or maybe too challenging for you, then you will love Mt. Takao. Open all year round, Mt. Takao is standing 599 metres (1,965ft) tall and is really close to Tokyo (1-2 hours of train according to where you are based.) With 2.5 Millions visitors every year, it is a very popular hiking spot for people living in Tokyo.

I had my favorites hikes in Japan. I think seeing so many shrines or Torii on your way to the top makes it really special. Or maybe I like it because this is not something we have in Europe. 

Going all the way up should take easily 90 minutes, but if you stop by every single building like I did, it might take a little bit longer to reach the top.

So yep, definitely one of the best hikes I’ve done. Surrounded by nature and seeing all these nice buildings on the top of a mountain kind of bring a certain inside peace and serenity. Plus, you will have to hike on some really nice paths to reach the top. Paths where there is flowers for example and I love flowers. If you don’t know what to get me for my birthday, flowers will bring me joy. And I mean look how nice those are…


I will say it again, concerning hiking, Japan is one of the places I loved the most. Even if you are in nature, you might randomly find some hidden gems in the forest. Which is always a good surprise. 

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