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The Road to Milford Sound

Milford Sound is a fjord: an eroded valley created by a glacier who then disappears, allowing the sea to make its way through the valley.

There is only one road leading to Milford Sound. It takes several hours to get there from Queenstown, but the road is pretty pleasant. The picture above is when I left Milford Sound, it was raining there but further on the road, it was all sunny. Which led to this shot that I am quite proud of.

Milford Sound was the first stop of my road trip with my friend Tanguy in New-Zealand.

This is by far the best cruise I’ve ever been on. And as far as I remember the only one I’ve ever been on. It was very windy on the boat, but the show there was amazing. Seeing these mountains emerging from the water is just spectacular and breathtaking. I felt really small next to the surrounding environment. I usually like to comment under each of the pictures I’ve taken but for this time, I will just let you enjoy the view…

Even though it was a windy day, it was still pretty sunny, so the cruise was enjoyable. The next day was rainy, and I am so glad it rained that day, because this is when the magic happened…

Most of the rain was stocked on the top of the mountains, creating this way countless waterfalls on every mountain. The clouds were also very low, so the atmosphere was just magical. The whole valley looked like this, it seriously is one of the best things I’ve ever witnessed. Nature is beautiful.

After that, we went to Wanaka to spend the night there before living a one in a lifetime experience: A helihike on a glacier…

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