Grey Skies and Green Lands: Ireland – The Lone Wonderer

Ireland was my next stop after Japan. I went there for a bartending course as I was interested in learning more about this craft. I had a first experience of it in Japan and I thought it would be a good job to keep traveling around the world. I stayed for one month in Dublin but I didn’t take that many pictures. Connemera on the other hand was a total different story…

I went on a tour to visit the nicest landscapes and sightseeing of Connemara and I wasn’t disappointed. The cloudy, cold and rainy weather was perfectly matching with the beauty of the lakes, the mountains and the abbeys in ruins you can find pretty much everywhere. That one is Ross Errilly Friary, which has been abandonned in 1832. You can visit it and it’s free of charges.

Cong Main Street
Statue of John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara

Cong is a small village with an history that its 145 inhabitants are quite proud of. Indeed, the tiny town was the filming location of the 1952 oscar-winning movie: The Quiet Man. The statue on the right is a life-size representation of the cover of the movie with its main actors: John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara.

Kylemore Abbey is without the shadow of a doubt the number one attraction in Connemara. Originally a castle and private estate, it was built in 1868 by and for Mitchell Henry, a famous Londonian politician and businessman. It has been sold a first time in 1903 to the Duke and Duchess of Manchester, and a second time in 1920 to Belgian Benedictine nuns who fled Belgium some years earlier because of the World War 1. They made it an abbey and a catholic school for girls, which was forced to close in 2010. The abbey is also very famous for its Victorian gardens.

Ireland is a beautiful country. I am sure it is even more enjoyable during summer, landscapes are wonderful and people there are amazing. I wish I could have seen more and go more North or South of the country. Maybe next time who knows?

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