The Beauty of the Shire: Hobbiton – The Lone Wonderer

After a day trekking in Mordor, the stop for the next day was the dream of every Lord of the Rings fan: Hobbiton. But we first stopped by another popular attraction while in Taupo: the Huka Falls.

Huka Falls are a set of waterfalls on the Waikato River. The water is going extremely fast there, trust me when you are above the river, you don’t want to fall in it. The volume of water flowing through is approximately 220.000 Liters per second. It’s a lot of water. You can walk by the river or getting in a boat at the bottom of the fall to admire it from a different point of view.

Concerning Hobbiton: You can’t do the tour by yourself, this is a guided tour. A bus picks you up at the entrance and drives you to the beginning of the tour which lasts for about 2 hours. Here are two of the 44 hobbit holes in the whole town of Hobbiton. 

Unlike some what people may believe, you can’t visit the inside of the hobbit holes. I mean you can but there is nothing, it’s only a earth-walled interior. The inside scenes of the movies were all recorded in a studio in Wellington. However, the party tree is real as is the whole Shire as you see it in the movies. It’s for sure one of the best landscapes I’ve ever seen.

Bilbo’s house A.K.A Bag End and its famous “No admittance” sign. You can actually buy those signs at the shop at the beggining/end of the tour.

While taking these pictures, I was like: “This is real, it does exist.” And it even felt more real when at the end of the tour, you could get a beer for free in the famous Green Dragon Inn. The tavern of Hobbiton in which you can listen to some Hobbits/Irish likes music while drinking your beer. And if you didn’t take any picture of the tavern clap your hands “clap clap”…

After this magical day, we headed to Waitomo, where we booked for the next day, a one of a kind expedition…

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