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Summer in Tokyo can be quite overwhelming. At least it was for me. It gets really hot and humid, so going to the beach is always more than welcome. And there is some nice spots to visit on the way there. One of them is Kotoku-in, a Buddhist temple in Kamakura renowned for its “Great Buddha”.

Daibutsu, the Japanese name of “The Great Buddha” is a massive statue made of Bronze. Completed in 1252, it originally was a wooden statue finished in 1243 until it got damaged by a storm in 1248. So the idea of strengthening it by building it with bronze instead was a good call, as it’s still standing (or sitting) today. 

Including the base, Daibutsu is 13.35 metres tall (43.8 feet) and it weighs 121 tons (267k lbs). You can get inside the statue, which I haven’t done as the queue to get in was very long and you had to wait in line outside. Under a heavy sun. And, well, sunlight is my weakness. If it’s not your case, you should definitely try it!

Over 2 millions people visit Daibutsu each year. Quick mental math, how many people does that represent since 1252? Yes I know, there was probably not that many visitors the first years…

It looks bigger when you have it in front of you, but maybe these pictures can give you an actual idea of its size.

The other beach I really liked and which is not that far from Kamakura is Enoshima. It is a small island with some of the closest beaches to Tokyo and Yokohama. And I mean, swimming with a view on Mt. Fuji is quite a nice experience!

If you ever go to Tokyo during the summer and want to chill at the beach after visiting some temples, then Kamakura and Enoshima are the places to go. 

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