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Check Them Out!

Writing a travel blog is something I’ve been thinking to do for a long time. And being stuck at home during the lockdown was actually quite helpful to take a decision. This decision was mine, so are the content and the pictures. But there is a few things I didn’t know how to do myself and needed help for. Like designing a blog for example, which is quite a good skill to have if you intend to make a blog. Or designing a logo. So I asked to some professional in their fields to sort it out for me, and I am so happy with the results and grateful for the work they have done, that I wouldn’t want anyone to miss what they could offer to you. So feel free to check them out!

The first thing you need to make a blog is the design. I wanted something which looked nice and elaborated. That’s why I called Net Access Marketing. You might not like the pictures or the content here, but you cannot deny that the design of the blog is looking more than great, these guys know what they are doing! Amin helped me through the whole process for months until the blog was launched. I’ve been guided and showed how to manage the whole thing by myself! And now, not only I have a blog but also got new skills! (kind of) So if you like quality and need a clean website or blog, you can leave your fate in their hands, you won’t be disappointed! They have a huge portfolio of website designs, you might want to have a look at them, which you can do by clicking on their logo! I will never be thankful enough for all the hardwork they have done to bring this blog to life!


You get to meet all kind of people when you travel. And sometimes, you will meet someone really skilled at something. That’s what happened when I saw my former Queenstown’s flatmate Danielle drawing. Whether it’s portrait, landscapes, logos, or something out of her mind, she will always find a way to create the best version of it and draw something breathtaking! I knew she would be the one I should ask to draw a logo for this blog, and I have absolutely no regret doing, I am absolutely pleased with this logo! She recently started her Instagram account, so if you guys’d like to see more of her artwork and it would be a shame to miss what she does, you should have a look at it and follow her! She would be grateful for that! 

If you think you have something to bring to improve this blog and want your logo and name on that page, feel free to reach out to me and share your ideas with me!

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